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Bhutan - Land of Happiness

Authentic Bhutan Tours - For Your Bhutan Experience, was established in October 2006 with the aim of providing the leading tour services in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. We are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are also registered member of Association of Bhutan Tour Operators & Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We are committed and always looking forward to offer you a great opportunity to explore the unexplored country. We are always on the move to improve our services to make our visitors feel home away home. We are passionate about travel and are committed in making your stay in Bhutan one of the most memorable and special trips in your life.

So our services will be positioned very carefully & meaningfully that they will be of extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailored made and personalized to the needs of ours client's requirement and interests so that the individuals will have a greater appreciation of the natural environment, socially and valued added for their money.

To foster, develop and promote a sustainable tourism industry with socially and environmentally responsible tourism, with constantly striving to provide a memorable, enjoyable & unforgettable tours in Bhutan.

To become the leading ground tour operator, in providing the best tour quality services and products in Bhutan in line with the noble vision of Gross National Happiness.

The Travel Experts from Authentic Bhutan Tours will go extra mile to offer a quality and goo services in fulfilling our mission and vision.

Tashi Delek.


As soon as you enter into Bhutan, you will see its unique cultural wealth. The country’s rich cultural heritage has remained remarkably unblemished. The colorful and vibrant living culture co-exists with a rich biodiversity in an unpolluted habitat. Those who have had the rare chance to come to this wonderful kingdom will agree that this is truly an exclusive place with a truly indigenous experience to offer. One can experience the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture through the visits to the impressive dzongs and monasteries, sacred festivals & pilgrimage sites, excursions to remote Bhutanese villages and close interaction with the Bhutanese people. More details..

The festivals in Bhutan showcase its living culture and also give an insight into how significant it is to the Bhutanese people and their distinct way of life. These festivals are popularly known as Tsechus and are organized in the honor of Guru Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism into this country in the 8th century. The event is marked by colorful and well choreographed mask dances depicting various facets of the Buddhist teachings. Tshechus are also an occasion of social gathering for the Bhutanese families. The people come dressed in their finest for the very special occasion. Women wear their most beautiful jewelry, families pack their best food for lunch, men and women joke and exchange tales, and children crane their necks to catch a sight of the day-long dances. Every district organizes these festivals as an annual traditional event.

Trekking in Bhutan is very adventurous and it provides the best opportunity to explore the life of the people in the remote villages and high-up mountains and also enjoy the pristine environment with most exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna. It also provides an outstanding experience of the spectacular views of the Bhutanese landscapes and breath-taking views of the Himalayas. There are trekking routes which suite both summer and winter seasons. We, at the Authentic Bhutan Tours, organize treks of varying duration and location. We have what is called the Samtengang Trek which is as short as 4 days and the Snowman Trek that last about 21 days. Depending on the duration of your stay and your personal convenience, we will make specific recommendations suiting your needs and requirement.

Immerse yourself with the best luxury holiday in life. Book your luxury tours in Bhutan with Authentic Bhutan Tours and stay at one of the exclusive five-star resorts in Bhutan. This tour package provides a perfect blend of personalized & luxury services in harmony with the natural environment through our customized and tailor-made itinerary.
Authentic Bhutan Tours have well-coordinated links with the luxury hotels and resorts in Bhutan like Amankora Bhutan, Uma Paro, Uma Punakha, Zhiwlaing & Haven Resort Paro, Tashi Taj, Termalica Thimphu, Dhensa & Kuenzangzhing Punakha.

We have designed this tour (Bhutan Familiarization Tour) to allow overseas tour & travel company's representatives to visit Bhutan with out having to pay the prescribed tourist tariff especially the royalty part. This is to give our foreign travel & tour agencies the first hand information about tourism offerings in Bhutan, so that they can efficiently promote to their clients in the future. For a Familiarization Trip to Bhutan, we need the following information:

Dully filled FAM Application Form.
Letter to us stating that you would like to visit Bhutan on Familiarization Tour to Bhutan in your company's letterhead.
Your passport Copy
License copy of your company

On reaching Bhutan, you will have an appointment with the concern authority from Tourism Council of Bhutan to discuss and learn more about Bhutan Tourism & its policies and also you can provide your valuable suggestions or ideas.
FAM Tours organizes only during the off-season months like June, July, August and December, January and February. Authentic Bhutan Tours cordially welcome you to Bhutan for Familiarization Trip to Bhutan, and for any further information with regard to your FAM trip, please contact us.

Eastern Bhutan Tours
Bhutan's tourism sector has become a reckoning force contributing significantly towards the socio-economic development of Bhutan. The sector was also identified as one of the priority sectors for generating employment besides contributing to Socio-economic Development. However Eastern Bhutan receives small portion of annual tourism arrivals in the country and also Eastern Bhutan is one of the least explored regions of the kingdom and offers one of most authentic experiences for all the visitors. They offer the past in the present.
The Eastern circuit includes the districts of Mongar, Lhuntse, Tashi Yangtse, Tashigang and Samdrup Jongkar.
Authentic Bhutan Tours offers some tour packages for all our visitors for Eastern Bhutan and we are specialized in arranging and coordinating Eastern Bhutan Tours.

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